WA2YZT Repeater

The repeater is located on Lookout Mt, Golden Colorado
The base of the tower is 7115 feet above sea level.
The receive antenna is at 400 feet and the transmit antenna is at 200 feet on the tower.

The repeater operates from a UPS and the site has a 1.5 megawatt generator system.

The repeater is owned and operated by Paul Deeth, WA2YZT.
You can contact me at   

The 447.175  repeater was turned off on Thursday, November 28th, 2013.
In the last couple of years, the repeater has had less and less use, so I decided to turn it off and give the frequency back to CCARC for a new coordination.

The 446.8375 Trbo repeater is a Motorola XPR8300.
The output is on 446.8375 with a power of 20 watts, and 150 watts ERP.
The input is 441.8375.
Color code 7 is used on this repeater.
Time Slot 1 (TS 1) uses Group 710 for local
Time slot 2 (TS 2)  uses Group 720 for Denver region

for more information about the Colorado TRBO system connections.

Last Update 11/26/2013